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Dawn came once more, and with it new opportunities. Despite her late hours, Heather awoke in the midmorning hours filled with energy, ready to take on the day - Willem would be arriving in the afternoon for their lessons... and to receive the gifts she'd crafted for him in return for the fine dress which now hung in her wardrobe. She laughed as she realized she'd been too preoccupied to change last night - she still wore her gaudy adventuring outfit! No matter, she'd have plenty of time to straighten up before her date arrived. The only real problem would be finding a better way to keep Red safe for the rest of the day--

She glanced back at the bed. Red was nowhere to be seen. She sat up and looked around. "Red? Where've you gotten to?" There was no answer. A nervousness began to replace her former enthusiasm. The balcony door was left open, he couldn't have --
She got up and walked out on it, her eyes searching the garden. Nothing. Yesterday, he could barely move at all; where could have possibly gone? She went back inside, searching the manor for him. A mild panic began to set it, her mind starting to race with what if's? She walked fasted as she searched.

It didn't take her long. As she passed by the stairs to her basement laboratory, she spotted the balance guardian, blocking Red's path with four obstinate arms. The little demon was crawling on his own, but awkwardly - if he had gotten onto the stairs, he'd have taken a nasty fall. He crawled left and right, but each time the guardian blocked him, intoning "The child is not to harm itself." Heather thanked her lucky stars that she hadn't changed her butler's orders since yesterday. She quickly walked over and scooped him up. "You had Mother so worried!" She exclaimed as she picked him up and holding him close. She gave him a kiss before saying. "She's also very proud that you're crawling now!"

Red also seemed a fair bit heavier.  As she got a closer look at him, she realized his horns had grown out a bit, his wings had lengthened, and his limbs looked less weak than they had - he was halfway to toddler-size, and since imps were far smaller than humans, he was growing up fast.  Red giggled happily as his mother kissed him, flapping his wings in excitement.  She felt his horns with a hand, checking to see if they were ready. She felt a little bad taking one from him but she needed one for the Elixir.

The list hadn't specified whether the horn had to be from an adult demon or not, and it certainly seemed as though his were long enough to safely cut one off without endangering his little red scalp. Red looked at her almost expectantly, pawing at her chest once more.  "Thirsty?" She asked as she looked at her child.

Red wiggled his head. Was that a nod?

She shifted him between each of her arms as she freed a breast for him to drink. "There you go, Red." She said as she held him up to her nipple. She slowly walked down to the lab as she fed him, her mind trying to recall a tool suitable to cut off one of his horns. Her son happily drank from her, though she was slightly relieved that his unstoppable hunger from yesterday hadn't made a reappearance. As she walked, she remembered an antique she'd picked up from a grateful noble in repayment for a small job she'd performed. It was a miniature guillotine, almost toy-like in size, though the blade was still heavy and sharp enough to take one's finger off if handled carelessly. The noble in question used it to intimidate guests he invited into his office, using it to brutally slice bits of fruit in half while they watched.

She waited until he had his fill before setting him down. "Don't go far, mother won't be long." She told him before she set about getting the device. She couldn't remember where she had stowed it, so she'd have to wander a bit.  She doubted such an odd little conversational piece would have found its way into the armory. Instead, she opted to start her search in the trophy room.
She headed there, the memories coming back with a smile on her face. She had sat in here in her old life many times and just looked over her trophies, remimeniscing her many battles and exploits.  She opened the door, watching the light play over racks and racks of figurines set on gold bases - each a commemorative to help her remember all the places she'd explored and people she'd met over the years.  She smiled, happy to have seen so much. She enjoyed exploring, seeing new lands and worlds.

She walked past the shelves, finally spying the guillotine on a small table cluttered with old coins and unadorned golden rings.  She careful picked it up and headed back to Red.
This time, the mischievous little guy had stayed put like he was supposed to - although she noticed that in her absence, the elemental had shown up again to watch over him. It was good that it seemed to know where it was needed in order to perform its tasks. She set the guillotine down, hesitating as she looked at her infernal son, a look of absolute trust in his eyes.
She picked him up, cradling him close for a moment. She hoped he didn't have any nerves in his horns, she couldn't bear to hear him cry in any manner. But she needed the horn and mustered up the courage to put one of his horns into the device. She held him tightly but gently, not wanting a limb to get into the way of the blade. She closed her eyes as she released the blade, hoping all would go well.

Red's left horn clattered to the countertop, and the grin of happiness disappeared from his face. A curious hand touched the stub on his head, a clean cut free of jagged splinters, and leaving no trace of blood. It didn't look as though Red were in pain, but he frowned as his simple mind attempted to parse what had just happened to him.

"I am so sorry Red, but Mother needs one of your horns. I hope you aren't angry." She picked him up and held him close, hating herself somewhat for breaking his trust in her. She gently rocked him as she held him hoping he didn't hate her.  Red didn't huddle close to her as he usually did, but didn't pull away either. Instead, he continued poking at his stump, his expression seeming to embody perplexion more than resentment.

She held him up so she could look into his eyes and he into her's. "I would never hurt you Red, never. I needed your horn for something special. Something important. I'll look for a way to your horn grow back faster." She told her child as she looked at him, hoping he could understand her. Red looked at her curiously. He didn't seem to understand, but still he paid attention. He seemed a little more cheerful now that he was being looked after, and he stopped poking at the fresh cut.

She gave him a kiss on the nose, before tickling him. She hoped she would never have to harm any of her progeny again, unless they weren't keen about her or struck first.  Red giggled, sticking his tail under her arm to tickle her back.  She giggled loudly, loving that her son is just as mischiveous. "Oh you cheeky little!" She held him up and blew on his belly with her lips, knowing that would tickle even more.

Red jerked with laughter, unable to fight back against her overwhelming assault in this impromptu tickle-war.
"Mother loves you, Red! She always will!" She gleefully exclaimed before giving him another belly lip tickle.  Red could only roll around and laugh in response. It seemed as though all was forgiven - it wasn't as though imps needed their horns for combat, anyway; the protrusions were mainly aesthetic, simply a physical feature that almost all demons shared.

She took the horn, and Red back upstairs to the bedroom. She needed a bath and a change of clothes.  She bathed herself and Red to save a little time, putting him in her bed again while she chose her clothes for the day. This time, she made sure the balcony door was closed, and she set out a few toys to keep her son entertained: a little stuffed animal and a brightly-colored rubber ball. As he played, he looked through her wardrobe - she'd need something simple enough to allow movement for training with Willem, yet elegant enough for the dance lesson he'd offered.

She picked a nice button-down shirt, a blue silk affair. She buttoned it up to just under her breasts, her brassire along with the shirt making for some ample cleavage. She smirked at the thought of Willem drooling over it before picking a knee length skirt, a nice crimson number. She put on her sandels and a pair of fingerless gloves, to give off the instructor look. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail to complete the look. She gave a small pose in the mirror before taking the horn to the study and stowed in one of her desk drawers.

After fixing herself her usual breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon for four and promptly devouring it she headed downstairs to finish Willem's gift. She found a crate for it all and gently put everything inside. She took it upstairs with her telekinesis, setting it outside for loading it onto a crate for later. She made sure Red was fed and comfy before going back outside to get the crate loaded.

She summoned a simple chestnut mare this time, not wanting to draw attention today. She floated the crate up onto a cart and hitched it to the steed. She climbed up to the drivers seat and made for town, anxious to see Willem's face when he opened his gift.
Willem smiled as she entered the shop, though he was currently engaged with another customer. She was an unusually tall, red-haired woman with a snobbish air about her, dressed in a slinky red number that Heather had passed by several times on the rack during previous visits. It didn't seem to fit her very well, due to her height. "This is outrageous!" she declared, folding her arms in a huff. "Nothing here ever fits me! You'd think you'd be more concerned for one of your best customers!"

"Now, Emelda," Willem started, "be reasonable! We've been over this a dozen times before, you just have a completely different body type from the majority of my customers! I've already set aside an entire rack of clothes specifically in your size, but your tastes change so fast I can't keep up!"

Heather walked up to counter and leaned against it, facing the snobby woman. She watched and waited, not wanting to say anything right away.  Emelda turned up her nose in offense. "Hmph! I have needs, you know. Being the mayor's daughter is hard work - I can't disappoint my adoring public by not replacing my wardrobe every month or so, how boring!"

Willem wrung his hands, trying to be as polite as he could. "That said, I'm only one tailor... I do have other customers--"

"You wouldn't have to worry about them if you'd agreed to work as my personal tailor when my father offered you the job!"

Willem shuddered with what appeared to be abject revulsion. "Yes, well, unfortunately I'm rather attached to this shop. Listen, I'll make all the adjustments necessary, and I promise I'll have the dress ready for the Ball... but next time give me a little more advance notice if you--"

Emelda disappeared into the changing room, flinging the dress at him over the door as she yelled angrily. "I'm a paying customer, and if I need the dress done overnight, I don't see why you should be complaining!"

Emelda soon re-emerged, this time in the white sun dress she'd apparently come in with - it also looked to be of Willem's design... though it was a little extravagant to the point of being distasteful. "I'll be in here tomorrow, and that dress had better fit! And make it fancier - it's so dreadfully plain."

"Tomorrow?" Willem was starting to look annoyed. "Look, you're not the only one who comes to me for a dress to the Spring Ball, I have others I need to--"
"What other customers!?" the woman demanded. Willem wordlessly glanced over his shoulder at Heather. "Who's she?" she asked, rudely refusing to address Heather directly.

"Lady D'amor. I just moved into the estate outside of town. and you are?"

"Lady Wynn, daughter of the mayor - you'd do well to remember that."

"I'll remember that you're snobby little girl that thinks due to her father's position that she can walk all over people and get what she wants."

"I would bet you've never worked an honset day's work in your life."

Emelda stiffened, her face lighting with restrained fury. She turned to the tailor, stunned by the recent turn of events. "Willem, I hope you don't cater to the likes of her - or else you might lose your best customer! Who does this little wench think she is, anyway?"

Willem cringed. He really didn't want to have to take sides in this - Heather was very important to him, but Emelda's careless expenditure of his father's wealth made a good deal of his profits over the years. He dreaded having to defuse the situation by asking the woman he was courting to apologize when she had every right to be offended, but there seemed little other option if he wanted to stay on good business terms with Emelda... until he realized something.

"You want to know who she is?" Willem repeated, pulling out a pocketbook with his business' finances inside. "She's my new best customer. She's spent over twice what you have this month."

"W-what!?" Emelda cried, looking at Heather in disbelief.

"It's true." She looks over the girls dress before saying. "I also appear to have better taste. By the gods girl, that dress is too flashy! There's is such as thing too much flair!"

"T-this isn't over!" she decreed, strutting outside and slamming the door behind her.
She grinned, always happy to put a snobbish person in their place. She was wealthy and powerful but she had earned all of it, she knew what it was like to have pratically nothing. When she saw people like this Emelda, it got under her skin. She loathed such rude and thoughtless people.

"Sorry about that," Willem apologized, putting the dress behind the counter. "Emelda can be a bit much at times."

"It's quite alright Willem. I have no problem standing up to people that like that. They need it most times." She smirked, knowing she had a little rival in this Emelda.

"That's good... sad to say, you'll probably run into her again at the Spring Ball - it is her father's party after all. She's not one to drop grudges lightly."

"Good. I can't wait to put her in her place some more." She grinned before turning around and leaning over the counter to give him a kiss on the lips.
Willem grinned to think of the stuck-up girl reaping what she'd sown, for once. "Just try not to turn her into a frog, or anything. Business is business, after all."

"It'd be nothing permenant hun and it's not good to tempt someone like me with things like that." She snickered at the thought.
Willem laughed nervously, hoping he wasn't about to be part of a city-wide incident. Reviled as she was among those rare folk who weren't kissing up to her, there would still be stiff penalties for anyone who harmed the mayor's daughter. Still, if anyone could manage it, it would be Heather.

"So," he said, eager to switch topics, "what brings you by so early in the day?"

"I have something for you. Come outside and I'll show you." She said with a smile as she walked over to the door.

Willem shrugged, hopping deftly over the countertop as he followed his lady's lead.
She lead him over to the cart, making the crate float down to the ground for him. "Open it."

Willem bent down, opening the heavy crate's lid by a crack, then taking the first item out to admire in his hands.
In his hands was one of the finest swords in the realms. It hummed gently as he unsheathed it, the light reflecting off the blade, a gentle rainbow light bathing the area behind him.

"It's named Rainbow. Forged from two of the strongest items from a realm where time travel was possible...It felled many fearsome beasts. I think it will serve you very well."

"You... you're giving something that powerful to me?" Willem asked, baffled beyond belief. He'd never had a lick of training with a sword, unless you counted idle daydreams. "Just like that?"

"I am. I couldn't think of a better blade for someone to start their adventuring career."
"Thank you," Willem said, genuinely touched by her generosity. "I just hope I don't cut my hand off with it!"

"I'll train you so that doesn't happen. There's more for you though."
Willem fished the next item out of the crate, which to him appeared as nothing more than a well-made, though mundane, backpack. "Oh, that's rather handy! It'll save me the trouble of having to cobble one together myself before we leave."

"That one is of my own design. I call it the Hammerspace pack. It's capable of holding items many times it's size not to mention loads many times your weight. It's a fusion of many hides, woods, metals and magic." She said with a slightly smug smile, proud of her handy work.

Willem stared at the pack in disbelief, finally deciding to test it by reaching his hand into what looked to be the smallest pocket. Before he knew it, his arm had slipped in up to the shoulder, making it look as though his entire limb had vanished, ending where it met the pack. "Whoa!"

She giggled, knowing most people reacted that way with hammerspace gear.
He dropped the pack on the ground. "That will take some getting used to... Although it does offer an opportunity I hadn't considered. Depending on just how spacious it is in there, I could take my inventory with me rather than leave my shop in someone else's hands."

"Bradshire's traveling tailor services!" She chuckled, knowing that'd be quite the sight. A traveling tailor with a whole shop in his pack.

"Hey, you never know! And even if I don't have time to peddle anything, at least I'll know it's all safe, right?"

"Right. Could make an name for yourself, bring all kinds of business to the area."
Willem dropped the sword into the pack, eager to see what else Heather'd brought him. The next was a jumbled heap of dragonscale and crystals - folded up as it was, it didn't really resemble something that was meant to be worn. "Er... what exactly is this?"

"Unfold it. It'll make sense then."
Willem placed the bundle on the cart, awkwardly pulling the rock-hard sleeves away from each other until a hauberk of the flashiest armor he'd ever seen unveiled itself. "It's... magnificent! What is it made of?"

"Four different types of dragonhide, sewn together to ensure the maximum amount of protection and comfort. The sleeves are made of Gleinorian Elvish crystal seed, careful grown to protect the arms. It's quite the unqiue piece, first one I've made."

"I love it! No garish, clunky piece of metal for me! And so lightweight, too. Where did you learn how to make armor, or are you just naturally this good at everything?"

"Same place I learned to smelt metal, grow crops, and make potions. Gleinor."

"I've learned quite alot in my 35 years of life."

Willem looked a little disappointed in himself, kicking a pebble down the street. "Even though I'm younger by twelve years, it feels like you know a staggering amount more than I do, at times. I do look forward to learning from you, maybe it'll help to close that paticular gap between us."

"It's nothing to feel bad about Willem, some people just bloom later then others. I must say, I am eager to impart my knowledge to someone" She says with a reassuring smile.

"Besides, it'll be fun to use my skills again."

"That reminds me: just why are you adventuring again? I thought you said you were retired," said Willem, shoving the armor into the pack. "Or at least semi-retired."

"There's something I discovered, a potion. I want to try and brew it but I require very exotic items to do so. All of them require a journey of some kind

Willem paused, realizing that she was purposefully not telling him what the potion was for. Maybe it was something personal? He hoped she would trust him enough to tell him before their journey ended, but for now he was content to accompany her regardless of the reason. "Fair enough. Anything else in that crate?"

"Should be one last thing."

Willem stooped one last time, freezing as he saw the last item in the crate. "Is that...?" Reverently, he pulled the shield free, watching how its polished edges glinted in the sun.

"It's the same crest as my brothers bore when they left home all those years ago..." He turned it over in his hands, remembering the weight of the steel that he hadn't been able to lift as a child. "How did you know?"

"Is it? I happened upon that in my armoy, the former owner must have served in the military. Do you like it? I added the colors of my crest to it." She said, wondering how she managed to pick the one shield he had ties to.

"... Do I like it?" he asked, adopting a sudden stern look and setting the shield down.

"Do I like it?" Heather began to worry that she offended him somehow, until he grabbed her under the arms and lifted her into the air, spinning around in a circle as he laughed merrily. "Heather, it's perfect!" he decreed, setting her down on the ground only to lean her backwards in his arms for a spur-of-the moment romantic kiss. "I couldn't ask for a finer icon."

She gasped as she was lifted in the air, her surprise turning to joy as she made Willem's day. She slipped a bit of tongue into his mouth as they kissed. "I am glad I could help." she said afterwards.

"I'd say this calls for a celebration," he said, turning to lock the door of his shop.

"What say I close early for the day and spend the rest of it with you? I doubt Emelda will be coming back, and most people avoid my shop like the plague on Thursdays because that's when she always seems to show up."

"Sure. Have anything in mind?"

"Hm, well... We could find something to eat around here, or just head back to your place. Can't take too long, though, as there's this lovely young lady who wants to give me adventuring lessons later today..."

"How bout something around here? Still many places I haven't tried."
Willem scratched at his chin as he considered their options. "Well, we could try the new soup place that just opened a few weeks ago - I haven't tried it yet. There's also a nice pasta restaurant I know. Or if you're feeling decadent, we could find ourselves some ice cream instead."

"Oooo! Pasta! I love pasta!" It was a weakness that spanned both of her lives, she loved pasta in all it's forms. She once made a quest just to try a famed pasta dish.

"Pietro's it is, then!" Willem declared, hopping onto the wagon and pointing dramatically in the direction they needed to go.
he leaped into the driver's seat eagerly, if Willem thought she had a hardy appetite before, he hadn't seen her eat pasta.

The cart rolled down the street, people stopping to comment on the happy, laughing couple as they passed. Not two blocks away, they came upon the place Willem had in mind, a charming little shack of a building that housed only the kitchen - the tables were all arranged in the small courtyard in front of it, shaded by large canvas umbrellas.

She was impressed by the theme of the resturant, remembering having seen such resturants a few times before. She could not wait to gorge herself on pasta by the pound, her stomach gurgling loudly despite her breakfast a short time ago.

They took their seats, and Willem grinned as the waiter came by, spying the sign that was offering an all-you-can-eat spaghetti dinner. He placed their order, chuckling as the waiter left. "They don't know what they've gotten themselves into!"

"That they don't." Her love of pasta sparked a little self-challenge in her mind, she hadn't had a good pasta dish in years, so she decided to see if she eat the resturant out of it's current stock. She wanted to see just how much her new body could put away. Plus all that pasta would give her scores of energy for her training sessions with Willem.  Within minutes, the waiter reappeared, setting a steaming plate of noodles in front of each of them, heaped with a rich tomato sauce, sprinkled with parmesean, and topped with a pair of meatballs.

Her face light up with delight, a smidge of drool  on the corner of her mouth as she placed her napkin in her lap. She dug in with glee, Willem would swear he heard her moaned ever so softly as she ate.

Willem arched an eyebrow, unsure if he'd just heard what he thought he heard. As she made significant progress through her first plate, he resolved to take her here more often - although he was fairly certain that they wouldn't be able to get this special from now on, if Heather was as hungry as she seemed.  She ate and ate and ate, the pasta and sauce like edilble euphoria to her. She hoped her attire would hold as she grew from eating, she was certain she would with the way she was eating.

Willem snapped his fingers, summoning a waiter to replace Heather's plate. It was downright shocking just how fast she'd gone through it - the meatballs scooped up so fast he almost thought she'd swallowed them whole! Just as she cutely slurped up the last of her noodles, the second plate came, just as appetizing as the first, only this time covered in a meat sauce. She moaned for sure this time as she gazed upon the next plate of delicious pasta.

A few of the patrons sitting at the other tables started to take notice as Heather began plowing through her second plate every bit as quickly as her first. The regulars began to whisper, wondering how long she could keep it up. She grinned mentally as her eating prowess was starting to garner attention. She was nowhere near close to stopping, her stomach wanted more.

Before she knew it, the second plate was done and gone, a third plate appearing in its place - a creamy mix of alfredo and marinara sauce. Patrons stopped paying attention to their own food, laughing or giving half-joking encouragement as Heather continued her feast.

She only stopped between bites to chew, swallow and catch her breath. She swear she could feel her skirt getting more snug with each passing plate, but the taste quickly distracted her thoughts. She took care not to slop any sauce onto her clothes or face, not wanting to look completely starved.

With no end to her hunger in sight, she defeated the third plate and moved onto her fourth. A few passersby in the street had stopped to see what all the commotion was about, and all of the waiters were joining the small crowd, since the patrons had all become too distracted to care about service. Willem could see the cooks in the kitchen getting nervous, putting another batch of noodles in to boil.

She sat back in her chair as the fourth plate was vanquished, a defiant grin on her face. She eagerly awaited her next helping, tugging at her skirt's waist band a little while she waited. She was drinking in the attention a little vainly, telling herself this was years of overdue recognition. Albeit it was not for things she did in the past but she was glad to get it nonetheless.

"Nobody's ever eaten five full plates before," one of the waiters mentioned, adding, "there's no way she'll make it!" The fifth plate appeared. Heather supposed she could eat it and stop there... but what would the fun in that be? Besides, she would have to eat far more than five if she hoped to eat the kitchen into closing for the day.
She cracked her neck and cleared her throat before diving into helping number five. She savored every bite, hoping to remember to ask for some sort of special tab or something afterwards.

Truth be told, she was starting to feel a bit on the full side - curse or no curse, her stomach could only hold so much. Halfway through, she was afraid she'd have to admit defeat... until she looked down and saw the beginnings of a green glow from her belly. Hurriedly, she scooted her chair forward, hiding her belly under the table as her unborn began to grow. She felt her skirt slide down the front of its dome, felt its weight starting to hang off her chair as her pregnancy moved into a new trimester. Best of all, though, was the sensation of all the food she'd eaten being burned off to fuel its development - she was hungry again!

She grinned happily, as she got her second wind and polished number 5. She rested on her elbows while she waited for her next helping. She looked to Willem, wondering how he was reacting to her feasting.

A cheer went up through the crowd as the fifth plate was demolished... and then she asked for more! Willem clapped with the rest of them, having long ago finished his own meal, but enjoying Heather's happiness by proxy. A few of the crowd members thrust a pencil and paper into his hands, asking him to keep track as a few of the others placed bets on just how far she'd go.

The sixth helping came, but it looked as though the cooks were trying to challenge her - rather than a plate, she was served a huge mixing bowl full of pasta, covered with an
entire layer of meatballs.

She flashed a look to the kitchen, her face telling them to bring it on. She was a blast, happy to be cheered for once again. She missed the admiration and adorment of a crowd. She leaned back as she finished number six, dabbing her mouth with her napkin.
The crowd was blown away by how she'd gulped down so much - even if she hadn't eaten in days, she wouldn't have this kind of appetite! To save on time, helpings six and seven appeared simultaneously, topped with whatever bits of meat or vegetables the chefs had left. Willem noticed there was only one cook still working: that meant they were running out of food.

She took a few deep breaths before digging in on this one, mostly for show. She may have to postpone his training a few days, she was gonna probably sleep just as long after all this eating. She hoped she wouldn't force her progeny's growth so much she'd have to rush home....this was the last place to birth a demon.

Somewhere between six and seven, it started again. The massive amounts of calories she was ingesting must have been kick-starting the growth spurts ahead of schedule, but at least it would let her achieve the goal she'd set for herself. With a groan that was lost over the chatter of her fans, her belly continued to swell out under the table, the life within kicking as its mother's feast nourished it, letting it grow stronger. At last, she polished off the bowls, and the head chef emerged from the kitchen, carrying a small cauldron with the last of the restaurant's food piled inside.

"If you can finish this last helping," he said, eyeing her with annoyance, "then you and your friend get a free meal once a week. If not, you pay for everything you ate today. Deal?"

She grinned confidently, knowing she could easily finish this last portion. "Deal, my good sir."

The crowd roared, some money changing hands as those with less faith in her watched her forge ahead, undaunted. She dug into the cauldron almost comically, the ladle more helpful than her fork at this point. It was especially rich - she could taste that the noodles had been buttered just to make them slightly more filling. The sauce was thick and heavy, too, but she was bound and determined to finish; it was almost a matter of personal pride at this point. At the halfway mark, she tilted the cauldron towards herself to get a better angle, feeling the growth spurts starting again. She was much larger by now than she'd been with Red, her orb of a tummy brushing against the ground, swelling with each bite. She'd definitely have to go straight home after this, and give Willem some excuse for having to leave him behind...

She moaned into the cauldron as she grew, hoping her care could hold her new girth. She slowed a little as she paced herself, wondering how long she had till this progeny would be born. She focused on the task at hand, shutting this resturant down and earning some fame with the townspeople.

She stuffed herself more and more, but her belly retained its current shape - she'd have to finish on her own merits. The fullness inside her, both from the absurd amounts of food and the heavy new demon in her womb was nearly paralyzing, but her iron resolve kept her going. Finally, she picked up the heavy cauldron, tilting it back and sending the last dregs of sauce down her gullet. She leaned back in her chair, her belly nearly upending the table as its naked swell came into view. "So that's where she's been keeping it!" a few of her fans cried. The cook's jaw nearly hit the floor, but he was forced to admit defeat. The people started chanting Heather's name, clapping and congratulating her, but deciding that picking her up and letting her ride the crowd was probably a bad decision.
She leaned back in her chair, sticking out her massive belly triumphantly. She had to use her legs to keep herself in the chair. She started to come down from her adrenaline rush, her mind realzing she needed to get home and rather quickly at that. She looked to Willem asking. "So, how's that for a celebration?"

Willem's mouth gaped as he took in the sight her belly. He was the only one there who knew she'd used magic to essentially cheat, but he was beyond caring at this point. "You were... amazing!" he laughed.

"Would you help me to my cart? I need to rest after such a display of fortitude....we'll have postpone training I'm afraid. I still have to prepare somethings anyway, targets and such." She said, the latter part was true.  She hadn't prepare anything for him to train on and she would need scry and find out what she helped grow so much so quickly.

"I understand," he said, grabbing both of her arms to get the leverage needed to lift her to her feet. "There will be other days for that. Just don't put off the dance lessons too long - the Ball will be here soon enough. You could stand to shrink down a bit before we start, though."

"I'll work on that tomorrow." She said with a grin, pushing up with her legs. She couldn't wait to them to train one another. She felt a  little lightheaded as she rose to her feet, her back arching greatly as she adjusted for her new gravid belly. "So..., You like?" She asked as she placed her hands on the flanks ofher belly and gently shook it.

Willem grinned mischievously as he gave her belly a rub. "Wish I was going with you... but after all you ate, I can understand you're in no mood for that sort of thing." He dutifully helped her into the carriage as best he could, thankful for her levitation spell.

"I thank you for understanding Willem. I look forward to our training." She replied, her belly making it a little tricky to drive the cart. "See you soon Willem."
Willem waved, watching her wagon pull away and head out of town.
The ride back was uncomfortable. Every stone and pothole jostled her full gut, prompting the life within her to writhe in annoyance. At least the road was deserted this time of day - she wouldn't have to deal with too many seeing her uncovered belly, making her look as though she were overdue with twins. She spurred the horse on urgently, hoping to get home before--

--her water broke, the fluid draining down from her perch on the wagon and wetting the gravel of the road.
She let out a swift curse of annoyance as she made her steed hurry. She held the reins with one hand, rubbing her belly briskly with the other. "Figures it'd happen here of all places....." She hoped she could make it home before things got very painful.

"out..." she heard.

She blinked as she looked around for whoever just said that. "H-hello?"

"out..." the voice repeated. The sun itself seemed to dim as a cloud pulled in front of it, an unusual dimness enveloping the road. The horse clattered to a stop, unable to see its way. She looked at her belly, asking it? " that you?"

As she spoke, the green light shone out of her again, her womb painfully lurching outward another few inches in all directions. "Out."

She gasped in pain as she doubled over her belly. "We....we're not at the manor....l-let me get there f-first...."

The presence inside her kicked. Hard. She lost her balance, falling roughly onto her back into the rear of the wagon. The green glow continued, her flesh tightening dangerously under her fingers. She was almost twice as big as she'd been with Red, and the weight was such that she didn't think she could move. "OUT." She resigned to the fact she would have to give birth in the back of her wagon. She reached around her massive girth and attempted to remove her panties, praying noone was heading her way.

Her belly swelled yet again, the glow mercifully dimming as her belly eclipsed what she'd thought herself capable of. Unable to reach around herself, she tried her telekinesis, but was interrupted by a powerful, agonizing contraction. "OUT."

She groaned out in agony, trying to steady her mind so she attempt to reason with her progeny. "L-look here you demonic ingrate! I am your m-mother, you do not order me around!
I can easily kill you here and n-now!"

"SILENCE, VESSEL," intoned her girth, quaking as her body prepared itself for a difficult birth. "YOU KNOW AS WELL AS I THAT THE PACT PREVENTS YOU FROM HARMING ME NOW. NOW, FULFILL YOUR CONTRACT. LET. ME. OUT!!" Another contraction slammed through her, the impossibly-large thing inside of her sliding down into her narrow passage.

She cried out in pain through clenched teeth as she gave in, now just wanting to be rid of the pushy progeny. She strained with all her might as she pushed it through the birth canal. This one was proving to be far more difficult due to it's size. She was quickly panting for breathing, the strain taking alot out of her quickly.

She took several deep breaths before mustering her strength for a big push. Her face turned nearly blue as she held her breath, trying with all her might to birth this one.

A clawed hand emerged from her, shredding through her panties as it clasped onto the edge of the wagon. After more pushing and straining on her part, a second appeared - then the two began stretching apart, forcibly widening her. She could feel her pelvis creak with the strain as the head descended.

She cried out in pain, not caring if anyone heard her cries. She was focused on expelling this demon from her as quickly as she could.  She was soaked in sweat and wishing she had something to bite down on to aid in pushing. She gasped heavily for a moment, mustering her strength once more. As she pushed, she screamed through teeth, using the pain and her anger to keep going. This one wasn't innocent as Red, not by a long shot.

The wood of the cart started to whiten and die around the hands of the demon's shadowy claws as it pulled itself free. Heather nearly burst into tears as she felt the head crown, twisting painfully as it worked its curved horns clear of her vaginal lips. The shoulders and body followed soon after, the creature's strong grip working with her own muscles to expel the comparatively huge being from her uterus.

She pushed with every once of her being, using the side of the cart for leverage as she writhed in agony. She was cursing herself at her overzealous eating eariler. If she had show restraint, she would be in the manor doing this days from now. She would need to more careful with her appetite as well as her quest for regeants for the elixir. She gripped the cart sides with such force when she pushed, she almost spilt the wood in her hands.

The birthing slowed as the creature's hips caught at her opening, but with a roar of effort, they slipped out, the legs sliding easily afterward. "I LIVE," declared the demon, a foul thing of half-flesh, half-shadow, its eyes alight with azure flame. It spread its dark wings, taking off into the sky without so much as a concerned glance for its aching mother.

She gave it a look of discontent, giving a hand gesture she had learned from some sailors on a quest once before passing out in the back of the cart.
Here it is at long last! The next installment of Blessed Curse!
In this one, we meet a few (and snobby) character as well as a new demon!

Will we see either in the future? Perhaps....
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I do hope you continue on with this. It's a very interesting plot line!
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